What is Transportation?

Transport is the movement of a product from one location to another. Afmex Cargo deals with air, road and sea freight. Transport is important in the modern age since it allows trade between people in different locations, even locations across the world.

Logistics is also the process of planning, implementing, handling, storage and inventory of the goods for efficient and effective transportation of goods from the point of origin to the intended recipient as per customer requirement. We strive to ensure the absolutely best service.

What is Logistics?

Logistics refers to the process of co-ordinating and transportation of products from one location to the location the customer desires and within their preferred timeframe.

Logistics management is a part of the supply chain management group. They are the people that plan, implement, and monitor the efficient flow and storage of goods between the point of origin and the intended destination in order to meet customer's demands. Modern logistics services employ the use of technology to help keep track of all the processes involved.